Issue 996
This week's practice 

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 Dear All,

The theme of one of my classes this term is harmony.  In looking at this subject we talked of experiences of harmony.  One of the class comes in from Brisbane.  She spoke of how she gets up before dawn everyday and goes for a walk up a hill behind the city.  She looks one way to see the city slumbering and the other way to see the sun rising.  She said that she finds it addictive because of the stillness and calmness discovered there at that time of the day.  This is not surprising as dawn and dusk are as expressed in the Vedic tradition particularly sattvic.  Sattva is the quality of balance, harmony, goodness and purity.  It’s the quality that opens us up to the power that lies behind all the constant activity of the world, a power if we are to find harmony in our life we must consciously seek by falling still and coming to rest.

It wasn’t just the Indian sages that recommended this approach.  Pythagorus suggested that his students get up early and seek out a temple or sacred grove to find that inner stillness before engaging in life’s demands.  A hill overlooking the city for her has more than a touch of the sacred.

Best wishes, William

The new Stoic course on the theme of Stoic Virtue: There will be a class on Wednesday evening starting the 8th May and on Saturday Morning 11th May.

This week's reflection

The Herald of Inward and Eternal Beauty.

I have written as to how great artists have managed t capture the inner beauty  of things.  They are able to do that because that’s what they see.  They’re in touch with what lies behind the expression of nature.

This is how Emerson, the great New England philosopher described the relationship between the inner and outer worlds:

The last and highest expression of the final cause of Nature was nothing other than to act as the herald of inward and eternal beauty.

We have the inspired work of men and women to arouse our memory, but we also we also have the beauty of the world before us.  Instead of this world being a continual source of distraction, a multitude of involvements, treat it instead as the herald of inward and eternal beauty.

Practice:  Take time to appreciate everything that is before you first outwardly  and then inwardly by falling still and coming to rest.

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